To get started using HR Connect, you'll need to set up your PetSmart Single Sign-On Account:

  • Start by clicking on Log on to HR Connect, then click on Get Support
  • Enter your user ID:
    • If you already have a PetSmart user ID that includes your name, this is your HR Connect user ID. (example: ASmith)
    • If not, enter your associate (or discount) number as your HR Connect user ID. You can get this ID from your manager. (example: 123456)
  • Enter your password:
    • If your user ID includes your name, enter your current Windows/AD password as your password. This is the password you use to log into your computer.
    • If not, enter your EPIN as your password. This is the same EPIN you use for discounts in stores.
  • When prompted to enter your new password it will ask to enter your old password as well, which is the password you entered in the previous step.
  • Your new password must be
    • Minimum length of 8 characters
    • At least 1 uppercase letter
    • At least 1 lowercase letter
    • At least 1 number
    • Cannot contain your username
    • Cannot have 3 consecutive characters (ex: AAA, aaa, AAa, or 222).
    • Cannot start with “?” or “!”
  • During the activation process you will be asked to set up a Mobile Number (recommended but not mandatory), Secondary Email (recommended but not mandatory) and Security Question with Answer.
    • Adding your mobile number or personal email allows you to reset your own password immediately. Otherwise, only Solution Center can reset your PW upon a service call.
    • Your security question will be used for all Self-Service requests going forward, so choose a question/answer you will remember.
  • Click “Create My Account”

If you have any questions or need help logging in, contact the HR Shared Services Information Line at (866) 263-8411 or email